Attack Your Friends Wiki

* Climate Zones Each player controls a climate zone. Tropical , Dessert & Arctic climate. The grey land areas are waste land areas and are not controlled by any player (neutral). There is NO advantage what so ever between the climate areas from a player perspective.

  • Enemy Report


The enemy report lists all countries other players have captured in their latest turn.

  • Zoom

Double tap in the ocean areas to view details in the map.


  • Bribe

In 2 player games, You can bribe the grey (waste land) areas by pressing the country and pay them one troop card. That country will then get 3 extra troops. You can use that country to attack an enemy country during one turn. You can also place your own troops to increase troops in a waste land country. If you win an attack with a bribed country You will earn a troops card.


  • Extra Troops There are 3 ways to earn extra troops.
  • 1. Cash in Troop Cards at the start of each turn. (minimum 3 cards)
  • 2. Hold many countries. Divide their total number of countries by three and round down to the nearest integer. This is the amount troops You will get at start of each turn.
  • 3. Hold Continent - additional troops are reward at the start of each turn.

If You capture and hold a continent until Your next turn You will earn additional troops. The min

Continent Bonus Troops /Turn
Asia + 7
North America + 5
Europe + 5
Africa + 3
South America + 2
Australia + 2


  • Undo Actions in map By pressing the back arrow in the bottom right corner in the map You can undo actions