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Troop Cards

In the card inventory You keep all troop cards You during the game. Troop cards is awarded if the player has successfully conquered at least one country during a turn.  No more than one card may be awarded per turn. Each time You win an attack over a country You win a troop card. If You are lucky You can also win a bonus troop card upon completion of a turn. Troop cards CANNOT be purchased. There are 3 kinds of troop cards.




If a player collects either three cards with the same symbol, or one of each, or two different and a wild card, they may be traded in for troops at the beginning of a player's next turn. In order to trade troop cards, press the 3 cards You want to trade in the inventory.

Defense Cards

In the second in the inventory You can find Your defense cards. Defense cards can be won at the end of a completed turn or purchased with coins. Note that You can only use MAXIMUM 3 purchased defense cards per game. You can purchase defense cards in the inventpry section or in the shop in the main screen of the game.

To use a defense card, press the card in the inventory and select country to place the card in.

List of defense cards:

Shield: Protect a country from attack during 2 turns.

2 Extra moves: Additional 2 move phases in same turn.

Fog Of War: Opponents can´t see how many troops there are in Your contry.

Extra Defense Dice: One extra dice if attacked.

Bad Storm: Attack can only use 2/3 of troops during attack.

place Mines: Enemy loose 1/4 of troops if they attack.

Guerilla Card: Adds 1/3 more troops if attacked.